Health Insurance

Private Health Insurance is specifically designed to give access to specialist diagnosis and medical treatment on a private basis rather than through the NHS. You can choose between various combinations of cancer cover, out-patient limits, excesses and hospital networks better suited to your budget. Post diagnostic treatments and physiotherapy can also be included within plans. It may be that you just like the security of being able to be treated faster than with your usual NHS route.

Do you need it?

The NHS faces massive strain on a continued basis. In February 2015 nearly 40,000 admitted patients did not start consultant-led treatment within 18 weeks of referral, and more than 13,000 waited more than 26 weeks. Family doctors polled by Pulse said they expected GP waiting times to reach 2 weeks by the summer of 2016.

The speed of diagnosis and the waiting time before treatment can be critical with many scenarios and having immediate access to specialist diagnosis and medical treatment is provided with a PHI plan. We all would like the peace of mind that if you need medical care it can be provided as soon as we need it.

Can my family be covered?

Yes with some providers you will be able to take out a family policy that also includes cover for your children.

What should I do next?

Discuss the plan with your Kibworth Mortgages expert and they will be able to explain the different suitable benefits available to you and provide you with a quote.